“Come Out My Firefly” by Reach Divine

“Come Out My Firefly” by Reach Divine feels simultaneously trance-like and frenetic. Pulsating synths, rain sounds, and ethereal vocals elegantly transition into something driving and intense. This song is perfect for a late-night drive through the city, or perhaps a slow-motion party montage in a tv show. Either way, the pieces of this track all come together to make something special.

The production is probably the most notable aspect of this song. It would be impossible to even sum up all of the clever tools Reach Divine uses, as the attention to detail is immaculate. However, a few things really stand out. The vocals are bright and firmly at the front of the mix. They’re often doubled by a higher octave and doused in reverb, making them sound somewhat otherworldly. There’s a whispery quality to them as well, which is either edited that way or performed that way–regardless it’s intoxicating. White noise buzzes gently in the background, adding texture and ambiance. A continuously escalating synth rockets the outro into the stratosphere. A cluster of tom fills concludes the song with an invigorating rhythm. All of these things make “Come Out My Firefly” sonically diverse and well-balanced.

Lyrically, this song is pretty simple. It doesn’t necessarily have a complex storyline to follow; instead, each line evokes a distinct feeling. It comes across as encouraging and affirming mostly. The vocal performance is intriguing as well. The singer’s tone is fairly bright and full of interesting quirks. They sing with a fair amount of breathiness, as well as warbling vibrato in the longer notes. This unique sound almost creates the mood of the song singlehandedly. The vocals turn this from a really well-produced electronic song into something layered, mysterious, and beautiful.

Written by Alyce Lindberg



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