“Something About You” by Gary Dranow

Gary Dranow has released “Something About You” alongside Jerry Manfredi and this song is sure to stand out in the best of ways. This edgy-catchy track feels like the perfect 80s track and listeners will love this good vibe, classic rock kind of sound. For those looking for something new and music that feels good, this easy-listening track is there to fulfill the needs of many.

Something About You” was actually born from another great song by Gary Dranow titled “Destiny Road”, which “was written for the world traveler I (met) and (fell) in love with (on) Destiny Road.”

Gary Dranow also says “(In) reality that’s what happened seven years later after I wrote the song/ and I wrote it for my wife of 18 years, Elizabeth/ which I (also) wrote about in my upcoming release (titled) “Mellow Drama”.

“Something About You” is the ultimate song for listeners who are missing that rock band style, with melodies that hit and drums that sync at the perfect time, listeners are sure to become long-time fans of Gary Dranow.

This 4:15 track presents a lot of truth in the lyrics and “Something About You” is open and thought-provoking, leaving listeners to wonder about their own relationships and think about the love in their lives.

“There’s something about you/ I can feel it inside. I can’t live without you/ But I struggle inside to be free / There’s no trouble about you. Your happiness is inside/ you take a cold world and you make it warm/ that’s why I’m right by your side.” Make sure you follow Gary Dranow for more music and be on the lookout for the upcoming release of “Mellow Drama”.

Reviewed by Demornay Bester






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