“Mellow Drama (Remix)” by Gary Dranow and The Manic Emotions

Showcasing real talent and raw emotions, Gary Dranow and The Manic Emotions has released a remix of the track “Mellow Drama.” “Mellow Drama (Remix)” is available everywhere now. The song dives into Dranow’s relationship history pre his diagnosis with Bipolar 1. The band takes a deeper look at the emotions and complexities that are tied into that discovery.

Sonically, the group blends their influences being from Utah and Australia. They have a strong rock influence, with storytelling and sound similar to Matchbox Twenty and Green Day. Dranow’s vocals are emotional and have a slight rasp to them, contributing to this underlying passion. The chorus soars with electric guitars and drums flying behind Dranow’s vocals.

Lyrically, the song allows for multiple interpretations. Dranow is singing about how it is difficult to be friends with someone and how hard it is to talk to them without getting in a big argument. The lyrics have clever word play like, “You think I don’t know the taste of defeat / But I can’t give in to your mellow drama / It’s not my cup of tea, so please.”

When talking about writing the song he shared, “Through ‘Mellow Drama (Remix),’ we revisit the intense emotions and complexities of a relationship before my diagnosis. It’s a musical journey into the rollercoaster ride of emotions, capturing the essence of that transformative period.”

Overall, Gary Dranow and The Manic Emotions do an excellent job at bringing this song to life. The remix feels like it has even more energy than the original release – with a crisp, clear sound throughout. Dranow is an elite songwriter, he is able to take personal moments of his life and turn them into these unique, universal stories – with interesting melodies to back him up. If you have not checked out this band, be sure to give this single a listen!

Written by Katie Power





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