“Tragic Optimism” by Steve Nicosia

Toronto, Ontario, Canada based independent artist Steve Nicosia released his track “Tragic Optimism” on December 17th, 2021, but it still caught our eye here at Rising Artists all these months later. 

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“Sweater” by Kevian Kraemer

“Sweater” by Asbury Park, New Jersey based dream pop artist Kevian Kraemer mixes together bedroom beats and lo-fi elements with surfy guitar to create a beachy, summery sound fitting for its July 1st release. 

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“Numb” by Shady Oaks

“Numb” by Denver, Colorado based blues rock act Shady Oaks is certainly fitting for their band name. The track begins with a dark, melancholy, folky

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“Lucid Lover” by JAYD

“Lucid Lover” by Luxembourg-based indie act JAYD was released April 22nd, 2022. The track is instantly characterized by its euphoric quality and dreamy, indie-pop feel

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“Echo” by Maya Roxo

“Echo” by electronic pop artist Maya Roxo grabs your attention with “Echo.” She jumps right to the chase, cutting to the action of the track. 

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“Pit A Pat” by Suchii

“Pit A Pat,” from pop artist Suchii immediately pulls you in with its addictive catchiness, passionate vocals, and the way it makes you want to

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