“Favorite Boy” by Cate Tomlinson

Cate Tomlinson’s latest track “Favorite Boy” is an intoxicatingly confident song that will draw you in with incredible harmonies and flawless production. Showcasing the singer’s

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“Forgive Me” by Helen

“Forgive Me” by Helen is a dreamy pop track with punchy instrumentation and encompassing production that will have you drowning in its brilliantly disconnected beauty.

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“Lost City” by E.T. Man

E.T. Man’s latest single “Lost City” is a vibrant synthwave track that draws you in with engaging instrumentation and flawless production. Featuring throwback sounds paired

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“Ghost” by Jaime

Jaime’s latest single “Ghost” is an electronic track that keeps you on your toes with a variety of rhythms and genres combined in a neat,

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