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Secure a feature on EARMILK to reach millions of music enthusiasts and industry professionals.

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Connect with an engaged audience interested in discovering new and emerging talent like yours.

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Enhance your reputation and credibility within the music industry by being featured on a reputable platform like EARMILK.

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Expand your fanbase and attract new listeners who resonate with your music style and genre.

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Benefit from the expertise of our seasoned press team who will provide guidance and support throughout the process, ensuring your music receives the attention it deserves.

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Customized Press Campaigns

Tailor-made press campaigns designed to align with your music genre, goals, and target audience, ensuring maximum impact and relevance.


Exclusive Access to Media Contacts

Gain access to our extensive network of media contacts and industry connections, including journalists, editors, and music bloggers, to amplify your press coverage.


Strategic Pitching and Outreach

Expertly crafted press pitches and personalized outreach to relevant journalists, bloggers, and influencers, increasing the likelihood of securing quality placements.


Comprehensive Press Kit Development

Professional development of press kits and promotional materials, including artist bios, press releases, and high-quality media assets, to enhance your media presence and credibility.

How we work for musician

Feel free to use the order button below to let us know which placements you’re interested in. Upon receiving your inquiry, we’ll promptly provide further instructions and an order intake/payment form. Your clients needn’t be aware that Rising Artists is involved; we’ll deliver the final publication links directly to you for seamless distribution to them.
Our curated publications boast impressive Domain Authority (DA) and influence. Please reach out only if you have the budget for these premium placements. You can use a portion of your client payments or discuss payment arrangements openly with them.
Choose from individual publications or bundled packages based on your budget. Let us know your preferences, and we’ll explore possible discounts for you.
For high-end publications, an additional pitching process is required. Payment will only be requested upon acceptance. We’ll keep you informed throughout.
With each press placement, we provide an SEO-optimized article exceeding 600 words, highlighting your project and narrative to capture attention.

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Frequently asked question

First you fill out the contact form and specify exactly what individual or packaged major press items you’d want.

Then once we go over everything, we’ll send you next steps and an order intake/payment form.

We will need your artist’s bio or some type of write up about them, as well as their socials.

We ask you to describe their sound and explain what the release is about.

We ask how the music was produced.

We also ask for a high resolution photo.

This can only be done post-release to draw attention to your artist’s track/video.


Part of the reason we stick to after the release is because embeds are only possible post-release, and we want to drive traffic to your project on its platform (such as a Spotify track or YouTube video). Most of our major press items can do embeds, but it depends on the publication’s format.

Regular Order Process: For most publication orders, we collect order info/payment, create a 600+ word SEO optimized article, and send it over to each of your desired publication(s). The article is spun with different wording for each publication. After we send it over, it is usually guaranteed placement with the deals we have made.

That being said, it is possible that the publications may on occasion exercise their discretion and decide that your music is not the best fit. This is a more rare circumstance, however we would know within a week of sending it over whether or not it was placed. If for some reason it did not make the cut, then we can refund you for that major publication, or you can order another one of equal or higher value.

Extra Pitching Process: There are certain bigger publications that require an extra pitching process on their end, such as for Lyrical Lemonade, Wonderland, and XXL. These would require approval on the publication’s end before receiving payment –  we will get back to you either way with the response.

First we reply to your initial contact form (which is as soon as we can get to it but usually within a few days). Then once we have sorted out any details, we send over your order/payment form.

Upon receiving your form, we may take a few days processing time to send out any needed materials.

If it is a regular process, once we send over the placement, the turnaround time is up to one week.

For the publications that require an extra pitching process (Lyrical Lemonade, Wonderland, XXL), the turnaround time could be up to a few weeks.

So all in all the process could take a few days to a few weeks depending on the publication(s).

For major press placements, we offer that it is permanent. If for example, the blog a year from now removes the article for some reason, they have that choice and (for the major placements only) we always recover the article for free or provide a new blog at the same cost. This doesn’t usually happen but it’s important for us to communicate these details.

If you wish to do a PR Campaign with the major placements and are interested in many of these publications, you can email us for a custom package.

If you have a significant budget for major PR you can provide us with your goal, your budget for PR and press and then we can set up a bundle and give you the best possible price up to the budget point.

If your budget point is really high (we’re talking mid 4 to 5+ figures) we do have the capabilities to get you major press even higher than what is listed above such as with Billboard (original), Elle, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Variety, and Rolling Stone (this is the original Rolling Stone and not the Rolling Stone UK limited time deal we are offering). These particular blogs at the higher level always have a pitch-approval process, but our team does have real contracts with them. In some cases for bigger blogs, such Rolling Stone, they need journalism on a press story – especially for picking up indie artists. Our team can help build a promotion plan around that story (we can chart the single, get them an official RIAA plaque, build the success around the release) and then go to the blogs with that story.

Email publicist@risingartistsblog.com with serious inquires only

In addition to increased online visibility and exposure to grow your fanbase, you can utilize your placements effectively to increase their impact. Incorporating them into your EPK (Electronic Press Kit), establishing a dedicated press page on your website, and partnering with reputable sources can help in obtaining verification through influential platforms. Major labels particularly appreciate independent musicians who proactively develop their portfolios, as it establishes a foundation of trust within their fan base.