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Starts at $2,500/month

PR Monthly Package Includes:

  • Full-scale PR support.
  • Media placement and reputation management.
  • Ongoing artist brand promotion.


Initial 3 Months: Strategic Media Push

  • Secure 2-3 top media features monthly.
  • Utilize proven internal networks for notable publications.
  • 2-4 podcast pitching opportunities included.
  • All releases at premium level.
  • Note: Big names like Rolling Stone UK, Wonderland may mean 1 major feature.


After 3 Months: Tailored PR Planning

  • One-on-one with the lead publicist.
  • Strategy calls to align with your goals.
  • Personalized industry outreach.
  • Weekly progress reports to track achievements.


Consistent Brand Presence:

  • Strategies adapted to your evolving goals.
  • Support during quieter periods to maintain brand visibility.

Just $525/month


Podcast Pitching Package Includes:


Direct access to podcasts.

Perfect Fit: Your style, matched with ideal podcasters.

Hassle-Free: We manage all talks and follow-ups.

Kick-Off Call: Strategy and EPK setup included.

Expect Visibility: Land 2-4 podcast spots each month.

Smooth Interviews: Quick Zoom chats with top hosts.


Please Note: Spots are based on host decisions.

$3,000 (Project Based)


Best for artists with recognized industry presence and aiming high.


Premium Media Package Includes:


Top-Tier Focus: Aimed at securing elite media spots in the indie scene.

Guaranteed Pitches: We pitch till we hit 5 major outlets like Billboard Argentina, EARMILK

Broad Reach: 4+ reputable music and entertainment sites.

Optimal Timing: Perfect for releases, tours, and big news.

Enhanced Efforts: Includes all from Mega, plus intensified press pursuit.

Quality First: Focuses on high-impact media placements.

Add-On Available: Newswire distribution for $100 extra.


Note: Media placements depend on publication discretion. Best post-release for heightened track/video visibility.

$1,250 (Project Based)


Ideal for securing premier media spots for music releases or major news.


Mega Media Package Includes:


Comprehensive Coverage: Includes everything from the Essential package.

Guaranteed Effort: Pitches continue until hitting major outlets like EARMILK or CULTR.

Powerful Storytelling: Distributes a compelling 600+ word narrative to leading indie publications.

Notable Outcomes: Ensures at least 3 key media features, including one artist interview.

Broad Exposure: Targets a minimum of 4 esteemed music/entertainment sites.

Flexibility Advised: Ideal post-release to maximize track/video attention.



  • Newswire distribution is optional (+$100), focusing on high-quality media placements.
  • Media features are subject to publication discretion and are not guaranteed.


$800 (Project Based)


Anyone looking to amplify music’s presence (Perfect for releases and major announcements)


Essential Media Package Includes:


Custom 600-word story shared with key indie media.

Minimum 2 major media features on spots like EARMILK.

At least 3 pitches to music/entertainment outlets.


Add-On: Newswire distribution available for $100.


Please Note:

  • Media coverage is up to publication discretion.
  • Artists must qualify for this package.
  • Optimal post-release to spotlight your track/video.

$275 (Project Based)


This package is ideal for releases or big news (2 weeks before your release.)


Included Services:


Expert press release crafting.

Feature spots on Music Crowns, Music Existence, and Rising Artists.

Broad distribution across 455+ media outlets, including ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and CW.

Targeted pitching to 30+ selected music industry hubs.

Detailed reports of distribution and target lists.

Extra Boost Option: +$80 for direct email blast to 50,000+ industry bigwigs.


Note: Media placements are subject to publication choice.



Add this package on to any media package for a targeted media pitch to all media available in a specific city/region. Great for artists looking for targeted city/region exposure.

Includes pitching to all relevant digital, radio, TV, and print media in a targeted geographic area.

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