Spotify Monthly Ad Studio Campaigns

Gain genuine music fans and get your track right in front of ideal listeners with our Spotify Campaigns for Monthly Listeners

About Our Ads:

Through hyper targeting your ideal audience and incorporating warm audiences via direct ads on Spotify, our campaigns are designed to get you more saves, follows, and repeat listeners, so when the campaign ends, the streams are more likely to continue. With the data we feed Spotify (and the data you give us regarding your audience) Spotify itself (no third party curator) gets your song in front of listeners that Spotify itself deems the perfect match for your music.

100% Compliant with Spotify Terms of Service

Campaigns executed via Spotify Ad Studio (we will not need to access your Spotify for Artist Profile in any way)

A report from Spotify will be provided after the campaign


Content creation from the artist is not required for this type of ad campaign

Benefits From Our Spotify Campaigns:

Spotify’s Algorithmic Playlists

Often yields placements on Spotify’s Algorithmic playlists (ie. Discover Weekly & Release Radar)

New Listeners

Up to 8 streams per new listener (by targeting fans aligned with YOUR audience)

Build Numbers

Boost in streams, saves, and follows with consistent monthly listeners.

Reach Target Streams

We run each monthly campaign until desired number of streams are achieved.

Client Favorite

Our Spotify Ads Studio Campaigns are the most popular choice for artists

Pricing Starts at $550/mo targeting 10,000 monthly streams

Sample Ad Results & Reports


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