We are looking for a music reviewer and reliable team member to work on the Musosoup curator platform in representing our Rising Artists Blog (risingartistsblog.com).

This position operates entirely on Musosoup, while posting on our blog and its socials, and therefore the system of offers and acceptances, along with all our guidelines, is based on how the Musosoup platform works.

We are not only looking for someone with a background in writing music reviews, but also someone who is willing to perform the tasks required on the Musosoup platform while being open to responsive remote communicate with the blog owner via email.

This requires the willingness to complete two trainings, one video call and a detailed written training module on the specifics of what types of offers our blog does (offer templates), as well as exactly how to complete a blog post with us, how to do the final Instagram story and Facebook post, and scheduling. Everything is mapped out for you – the written training module is designed to help you be successful, and you can refer to it at any time as you move through your tasks.

You get to find and choose your favorite music/artists! Our offers are asking for a contribution from your selected artists on the platform, and if the artist accepts, you make a commission from that. We must include a free alternative (since we do not support Payola), which is a Facebook post onto our blog Facebook page, so you’d have to commit to doing that in case they choose it. Usually around 75% of the time they opt for the review. Artists on the platform understand that contributions are requested of them to help keep our blog running and team members paid.

You would be making commissions of $10 per music review (250 words). There is a minimum of 10 published music review blog posts for singles that you must do a month (meaning 10 artist acceptances that you post before the 25th of the month). That would give you a minimum base pay of at least $100 per month.

Your pay is strictly based off of commissions for these offers.

We pay out at the beginning of the following month (for every released/shared blog post).

Please send a cover letter message letting us know why you wish to work here with examples of your music review writing.


We are looking for someone who can:


We are completely remote!