Review & Interview: “Anniye” by Voyce & Elijah Rosario

R&B duo Voyce & Elijah Rosario are ready to get you moving with their new album Anniye. Available February 5th, 2021, Anniye is a collection of groove-worthy songs that meld elements of various genres into a satisfying collection that will be as at home on the dance floor as in your car drifting down the highway.

Each track on Anniye has its own style using supportive instrumentation that ranges from classic R&B, Latin, folk, and a plethora of genres in between. Though each song is its own standalone chapter, the tracks all showcase the duo’s intricate and creative production, strong narrative lyricism, and genius instinct for flowing between rap and soulful singing to create engaging soundscapes. You’ll be jamming to the heartfelt track “Since I Was a Youngin’” with its honest storytelling, grooving to “Cut It Up” with its driving acoustic guitar and confident rhythms, and swaying to “In My Head” with its classic R&B sound garnished with just a hint of an electronic twist.

Based in Georgia, this duo is poised to take the music world by storm with their infectious hooks, solid beats, and dynamic range. Voyce & Elijah Rosario have created a fantastic album with Anniye and this incredible feat of their combined talents is one thing that will never change.

Written by Katrina Charles

Artist Interview

Q: The album came out as work of art, a piece of timeless R&B. What was your creative process in making “Anniye”?

Voyce: First off let us say thank you for the compliment! Our first thought when making this project was how can keep the listeners coming back and listen to the album as if they heard for the first time all over again. Who did we want our target audience to be? We realized that we had to make it for both men and women, but mainly the women. We wanted to construct a project that would tell both about ourselves and what people go through in their everyday lives.

Elijah: Absolutely! We are super pleased to hear that and Voyce couldn’t have said it any better. Something I’d like to add is the fact that we were in two completely different states while creating this album, but that made us no never mind whatsoever. The fact that we talk literally almost everyday was a huge contributor to our process, and because we were focused on getting this album done, that tailored a lot of our conversations to be about different ideas and concepts when it came to every song.

Q: How did you come to choose the album title, “Anniye”?

Voyce & Elijah: Well at first we came up with “Bored Brothers” which we later thought it wasn’t it for us. We decided to just call it “bored” because it felt mysterious to us. As we kept looking at the name, we wanted to give the audience something more than just that. We wanted to do more to create a better listening experience for them. We did a ton of google searches on different ways to say bored lol.


Q: Did any real-life events occur in your life that inspired the album?

Voyce: Yes, I was going through financial hardship, I’m between jobs, and battling depression which made it hard for me to focus. Thankfully, I had my brother on my side. When I saw him push, it made me want to push even harder.

Elijah: Yes, there were a lot of personal struggles I was dealing with as well. In January 2020 i buried my mother, who passed away due to cancer. I dealt with a lot of depression and both my physical health and mental health began to take a huge dive, especially when we first started to experience living in a world wide pandemic. However, i knew that I couldn’t drown in my sorrows forever, so I decided that I needed to channel all that I was feeling and everything I’ve experienced into the music.


Q: How did you two come to collaborate?

Voyce: We have always had love for music. We just didn’t how strong each other felt about it until we decided to get together on one song called “My Side” and that changed our friendship dramatically to calling each other everyday talking about music!!

Elijah: Yeah we’re definitely some music junkies lol, but what also made this collaboration easy was the fact that we’re super close and we know exactly what we want to do in the music industry. Also, we’re one hell of a duo whenever we make music together and this just felt like the best time to collaborate and make a body of work that we’d both be proud of looking back.


Q: What is coming up next for you?

Voyce & Elijah: Out of the album that is dropping, we are both currently working on our own projects. We have no idea when we will release them but, best we’re both still putting in work and we can’t wait to follow up with some more dope music.


Q: What would you like to tell your supporters out there?

Voyce & Elijah: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! Thank you for believing in us as we make timeless music in this microwave era! Thank you for always clicking the link when we release something new. Thank you for constructive criticism when we need it the most. Trusting the process isn’t easy but with the supporters we have, it is worth going through.

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