“Send More” by Roma Sheth

College student, artist, and songwriter Roma Sheth began making music in her bedroom in a tiny studio. For Roma like many artists of today, music has been a source of comfort and an escape, and only a hobby. It wasn’t until Roma who is South Asian, began to notice the lack of people who like her and representation, to begin with. That’s when she began to invest in music seriously as she wanted to be one of those influences. Roma took the plunge and began learning how to produce as well as saved up money to buy the musical equipment for her career and artistry. She also took to social media to get as ears on her as well.

‘Send More is the debut track from Roma Sheth’. You can hear the influences from folk, singer-songwriter, and bedroom pop is woven in confidently throughout. The lyrics of heartbreak, love, and being trapped form stark visuals. It seems that for Roma storytelling is something that comes from a place of honesty and takes center stage for her. Her rich and soft vocals fill up the mellow Folktronica-inspired track, showing a quiet power and major promise. As Roma sings I feel quite easily transported into her world. I can also the echoes of artists like Lisa Loeb’s soft ambivalence or Natalie Imbruglia’s wistful honesty. These nods give the track an air of nostalgia and wistfulness. Although it’s a song that’s simple on its production it’s Roma the artist that’s the star here and that’s all there needs be.

Written by Brittney Williams

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