Artist Interview: “Not The Enemy” by The Sparkle & Fade

Q: “Not the Enemy” is a hard hitting pop-punk track full of energy and guitar riffs. What inspired you to write this track?

THE SPARKLE & FADE: Our guitarist Jeff had been sitting on a few on the main riffs in the song for many years. He has always been a drummer in the many bands that he has been in, so he’s been stockpiling guitar riffs such as Not the Enemy’s. Jeff brought those riffs to Tyler and the 2 worked out the particulars. Courtney and Lindsey worked out the lyrics and melody and BOOM! This song was written to a culminating moment on our forthcoming 8 song record due out in the late spring/early summer!

Q: Walk us through the concept and creation of the music video for “Not the Enemy”. Is the final product exactly how you imagined it?

THE SPARKLE & FADE: Funny story about that. Since we have been separated because of the pandemic, we had to explore other avenues for making music videos (since we’re not video editors). We reached out to some freelancers and once we found one, Tyler sent the concept of the song to them. They took our story of the song and put video together to form a story. I am very pleased with the final product and I think it fits the song well!


Q: How did the band initially come together and what inspired your name, The Sparkle & Fade?

THE SPARKLE & FADE: The core of the group is Lindsey and Courtney (sisters) and their husbands (Jeff and Tyler, respectively). The group started when Tyler was recording music at home and needed more players to make the songs he was creating a reality. Once everyone got on board we started writing and recording more. TJ and Joe joined early 2021 so that we can get ready to play shows! The name Sparkle & Fade is from the 90s band Everclear’s 2nd album. We felt the name embodied what we were trying to do; show the duality of people’s lives and explore not just the “sparkly” side, but also the darker, more melancholy side as well and how they interact and are cyclical.


Q: Your band is based in Connecticut. What’s the music scene like there and how has it shaped you as musicians?

THE SPARKLE & FADE: Connecticut has always had a very active music scene. Since the state is so small, many of the bands know each other and try to help support each other in any way they can. I hear so much great music coming out of the state, and it truly inspires us. It also helps us carve out our own little niche

Q: Where do you find your musical inspiration?

THE SPARKLE & FADE: We are all avid music lovers, and because of this we try to pool all those amazing songs we’ve heard over the years into our own songs. Of course the other bands around us are putting out such amazing work, and really push us to the next level as far as our creativity is concerned.


Q: What is coming up next for you?

THE SPARKLE & FADE: We will be releasing our full record in late spring/early summer! We are also gearing up to play shows over the summer as well! Can’t wait!

Interviewed by Brynn Hinnant

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