“Lost City” by E.T. Man

E.T. Man’s latest single “Lost City” is a vibrant synthwave track that draws you in with engaging instrumentation and flawless production. Featuring throwback sounds paired with rock overtones, “Lost City” is the kind of song that will capture your attention and make you turn up the volume.

With a slow fade in, “Lost City” hits you with nostalgic synths before launching into an upbeat, airy rhythm that will instantly make you feel lighter. Ambient electric guitar flies over the mesh of sounds as the lyrics come in, delivered with an understated, conversational tone and tandem vocal harmony that adds another layer of texture to the complex tapestry. The soaring electric guitar contributes an edgy vibe as the song progresses, telling a tale of its own with reverberating riffs and a captivating melody.

Based in Los Angeles, California, E.T. Man is a trio comprised of keyboardist and vocalist Alessandro Ayer, producer and vocalist Spencer Ayer, and drummer and producer Trayler Swift. “Lost City” is a follow-up to their recent single “The Light” and precedes their upcoming debut album that will be released later in 2021. With incredible and creative production, uplifting orchestration, and infectious vocal harmonies, “Lost City” is a song that you’ll be happy you found.

Written by Katrina Charles

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