Artist Interview: “Broken Hearts Club” by KC

Q: ‘Broken Hearts Club’ is dark and moody, yet smooth and captivating. What was your creative process in making ‘Broken Hearts Club’?

KC: Broken Hearts Club came from a period of time where I genuinely felt completely over love. I had this idea of a place for all the other people who felt like me (I know a lot of other members of Gen Z share similar feelings to this). In my head, I envisioned this sort of Speak Easy filled with all of the broken hearted… hence the song name! After a couple months of playing with ideas, I eventually synthesized a little bit of everything to create the song we hear now! I just jumped into the studio with my producer and channeled all my feelings of hopeless towards relationships and let it out!

Q: What’s the biggest differences in music making and the music scene that you noticed when moving from Denver to LA?

KC: Well to be completely honest… I didn’t find much of a place for me in Denver as far as making music. Most of my time there I spent learning music theory/production. LA has been where all of the magic has happened. There are SO many brilliant creatives here – it just comes down to finding the right ones to help bring visions to life.


Q: In your own words, how would you describe the music that you usually create?

KC: If I had to describe my music in a single word- I would definitely say “nonconforming” in the sense I write very personal material that varies in feeling from song to song. I try not to close myself into one “type” of sound and have been taking this time to really focus on trying a little bit of everything as I grow my fan base. I love to see what fans enjoy though, it helps keep me inspired.


Q: So far, what’s been the most memorable highlight of your music career?

KC: Performing live!! I played my first live show at the Peppermint Club here in Los Angeles right before the nationwide lock down due to Covid-19. The venue itself has hosted acts like Billie Eilish, Nick Jonas, Kim Petras, and so many other iconic pop artists – it was just unbelievably iconic! I can’t wait for more once the world is back to normal and it’s safe for us artists to be on stage for our fans again.

Q: If it could be anyone in the world, who would you most like to collaborate with and why?

KC: This is a really REALLY difficult question to answer- I’ve never actually done a collaboration before so I’m not completely sure what the right choice for me would be. However, I would absolutely love to do a feature, or multiple, on an EDM song that really gets people up and moving. If I had to pick another artist in my genre, I would really love a collab with Lady Gaga.


Q: What do you like to do when you’re NOT making music?

KC: I am really passionate about exercising mind, body, and spirit. Everyday I make a point to: read; in order to expand my knowledge in various aspects of life, physical exercise; in order to stay in shape and nurture my body, and meditate/journal; in order to clearly identify my goals, areas of growth, and be aligned with my spirit.


Q: What’s up next for KC?

KC: A lot is definitely in the works for me right now. I have a song set to release, though I am not saying when just yet, but I am really excited for it. Along with that, I am working vigilantly to write more and more songs to put out for my growing fanbase. To give a little hint at what fans can expect, I will certainly say they can count on 4-5 more singles this year to wrap up this era of my music journey.

Interviewed by Kevin JP Hulihan

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