Artist Interview: “James Brown” by Watson

Q: “James Brown” has insane replay value. What was the inspiration
behind this melodic hip hop banger?

WATSON: It’s just what I was feeling at the moment – I wanted to flex, I always try and stay true to how I’m feeling whether it’s in music or everyday life.

Q: You wrote the lyrics to “James Brown” and PrettyBoyRon produced it. What was it like working with him again?

WATSON: He came through with a mutual friend, Angelo, and we hung out for about 30 mins playing music. I asked him if he had any beats cause I was in the mood to rap so he showed me the tune and “James Brown” was finished in a hot 20 lol. Rap usually flows a lot quicker, I can make 20 rap songs a day if I wanted.


Q: Not only did you premiere the full, uncensored music video for “James Brown” on OnlyFans but you also donated a portion of the subscription and merchandise sales to the Urban Justice
Center’s Sex Workers Project. How did you get involved with UJC and do you plan on featuring more music videos on OnlyFans?

WATSON: I plan on dropping music on my Only Fans before it actually comes out as a treat for those fans who care enough to listen.

As for UJC, I told my team I wanted to help sex workers and so we spent a good amount of time finding the right organization to do so.


Q: Your song “Dance Alone” became a huge hit on TikTok. How did it feel having a song go viral?

WATSON: I’m asked this question a lot and the only answer that comes to mind is it didn’t really change much for me – it’s cool to see people enjoy the record truly, but at the end of the day I gotta pay bills and other songs to make. My song going viral on Tik-Tok doesn’t stop that mentality.

Q: Your music pulls from so many different genres from Future R&B to rap and Post-Pop Indie showing your versatility as an artist. Which artists inspire you and the music that you make? Is there one particular genre that you’re drawn to more than the others?

WATSON: Damon Albarn is a huge inspiration to me – he’s a genius. I don’t make it a lot but my favorite genre is definitely Folk. I try and fuse it into everything lol. I can’t with Rap but every other genre yeah – also Pop-Punk, it makes my soul glow.


Q: What’s coming up next for you?

WATSON: I’ve dropped a song every Wednesday (#WattyWednesdays) since the year started. So I guess continue that 52 song a year if not more, I definitely have the catalog for it.

Interviewed by Brynn Hinnant

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