“Passage” by Raffael Seyfried

Thanks to the popularity of mainstream music over the past century, music has gone from classical arrangements and funky jazz renditions to boasting lyrical content that can sometimes make no sense. However, there are still musical purists out there who let their arrangements do all the talking. Artists like Raffael Seyfried. His first single of 2021, “Passage,” is as emotive as a song with a myriad of lyrical content. 

The Düsseldorf based composer delivers a relaxed piece with “Passage.” He notes, “It evokes feelings of moving from one place to another,” adding, “The feeling of moving to a different place physically or just having a little journey in your head.” 


Seyfried’s easygoing piano playing matches well with the hints of cello and viola heard throughout in a song that would pair beautifully with a rainy scene in a movie. One where the protagonist is at a passage of sorts in their own life and has a weighted decision to make. Which coincidentally enough, is where “Passage” may land as Raffael Seyfried is a notable composer in the TV and film realm. His music has been featured in and enhanced HBO’s ‘Gunpowder,’ Showtimes’ ‘Patrick Melrose,’ ‘Hotel Mumbai,’ and more. 


Again, “Passage” is the first single from Seyfried in 2021, and is sandwiched in between an EP released earlier this year, ‘Finitude,’ and his latest single, “Return.” Those looking for variety in their ambient meets classical meets soundtrack contender listening experiences should check out Raffael Seyfried because the releases this year alone provide that and so much more. 

Written by Kendra Beltran




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