Artist Interview: “After the Rain” by INDOLORE

Q: You’ve put out a number of releases in the past several years. How has your sound evolved?

INDOLORE: I guess my music has evolved with the way I live my life, or rather the way I have reconstructed it, little by little. When I started Indolore, I was back to square one, no more band, no more marriage, a new freedom to understand and tame. I found myself alone in front of the microphones and I liked it. From my first solo record “Positive Girls” I grew up again. A few years later I felt ready to try my luck in Iceland, from where I brought back “Love Letters from Eylenda” recorded in Sigur Rós’ studio. A magical and indelible adventure. With this latest album “After the Rain”, I felt like surrounding myself again. Antoine Delecroix, Emiliano Turi and Fabrice De Battista, wonderful musicians, helped me to put my new ideas into music. And it was the right thing to do!

Q: “After the Rain” features some beautiful poetry. Who are your lyrical inspirations?

INDOLORE: Thank you! It’s hard to say. To tell you the truth, I’m not a big reader but I do like words. I love English as much as I love French. I think that sounds inspire words, then sentences and ideas. I try to stay coherent, to draw the thread of a story or an emotion. Once the song is finished, time decides if it’s good or not. In terms of inspiration, I would say Nick Drake, Paul McCartney or Iron & Wine.


Q: The pandemic threw many curve balls. How did your artistic process change, if at all?

INDOLORE: It’s true. The landscape has been turned upside down for a while. Certain habits or obviousnesses have collapsed. This crisis put the world on pause. I had the chance to isolate myself with my children in my tiny hometown, in France, on the Atlantic Ocean. A seaside resort with a strange name: Mimizan. I was able to enjoy a slower time, a nature at hand. I realized how lucky I was, I started to write, to compose brighter melodies. After the first lockdown, I realized that I wanted to convey this feeling of hope through this new music. I rushed to the studio to capture that feeling of newfound freedom.


Q: Some artists are beginning to plan shows and/or tours. Whether it’s live or virtual, do you have any performance plans?

INDOLORE: Yes, I want to get back on stage. This time, with a group if it’s possible. In Europe, the situation is still a bit unclear. But I am preparing a live set with a lot of enthusiasm!

Q: Is there anything you hope audience will get from “After the Rain?”

INDOLORE: Yeah, you said it: hope. I would like people who listen to “After the Rain” to feel an enveloping warmth. I would like this record to be comforting and to bring hope, after the rain.

Interviewed by Sarah Scott





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