“56 Minutes” by Detention

Punk rock is all about attitude and having the guts to say what you want to say and there is a group of American teenagers that are doing just that. Detention is a youthful punk rock band made up of four teenagers hailing from the town of Akron, Ohio and they are quickly developing a huge fan base. The band already has eight original singles in their discography, one of which is titled “56 Minutes.”

“56 Minutes” begins with a slow, steady riff from the bass and quickly transitions into a loud, rocking, high energy song with the entrance of the drums and guitar. Frontwoman Elliott Carter’s tone of voice starts out sounding determined, but gradually turns into one of frustration, as she tries to reach out to her friend in an attempt to hang out with them despite the fact that this person lives far away and is not responding to her.  “I could make a plan to walk halfway then hitch a ride / Just acknowledge that I’m trying.” A raw, intense guitar solo paired with an aggressive beat, leads to the climatic point of the song where Elliott unleashes her wrath as she sings the following lyrics. “I waited to hear from you for the last six weeks and still no sign of life / I get that the work won’t do itself / But tell me what do I have to do to get you on the line.” Carter aggressively puts her foot down, making it perfectly clear that she wants nothing do with this person anymore.

Detention has shown that they can rock just as hard as their older counterparts. Their ability to craft relatable stories through their music while still maintaining the punk rock image is quite remarkable. The teenage rock stars show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Written by Brittany Jennings

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