“Forgive Me” by Helen

“Forgive Me” by Helen is a dreamy pop track with punchy instrumentation and encompassing production that will have you drowning in its brilliantly disconnected beauty. With R&B and electronic elements that weave together in an unexpected and disjointed tapestry, “Forgive Me” is captivating and unique in a completely cohesive display of soul and creativity.

Piano chords introduce the song, reverberating and ebbing suddenly to make way for the overlying instrumental melody. Helen’s voice enters with a soft, breathy tone that sweetly pleads “forgive me” in a way that pierces straight to your heart. The verse slowly builds with light percussive rhythm and overlying vocal harmonies before building to a syncopated, almost playful chorus that facilitates a call and response between the various production elements. The lyrics are raw and effective as they are told through the singer’s emotive and versatile voice.

Based in the DMV (Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia) metropolitan area, Helen wrote “Forgive Me” in November of 2020 about a toxic relationship for which she did not receive an apology even though, as the singer states, “it wouldn’t have been enough to fix the emotional damage.” The song’s production and instrumentation perfectly frame the meaning of the lyrics, and Helen’s vocal delivery is striking and memorable as she craft’s the heartfelt narrative. Through immersive orchestration and an incredible performance, “Forgive Me” is a standout track that undoubtedly indicates a bright future for the talented artist.

Written by Katrina Charles

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