‘Delta’ by N Kelsey

Everyone has their go-to music for when they are feeling a certain type of way. Screamo helps when I am angry, nonsensical pop provides joy when I’m sad, 90’s music when I want to forget being an adult, but then there are times when I’m overwhelmed and just want a soothing, calming sound to escape the speakers and comfort me. Bands like The Tower and The Fool come to mind and have often given me that solace but now they are not alone thanks to the discovery of N Kelsey and his debut ‘delta.’

Consisting of a handful of songs, ‘delta’ is almost 21 minutes of peace on an otherwise chaotic earth. One never knows what they will encounter when they press play, and this Los Angeles-based artist does not disappoint. From the press of play, it feels like an audible embrace as his striking vocals come through on “Jackson.” As he sings, “There’s a chance this could be the one,” you can’t help but feel it. Which is how you feel throughout the record as N Kelsey’s delivery is confidently poised, and pure. It is that purity that makes songs like “Indigo” stand out, even in the middle of the pack. 

Being someone of a particular age who grew up racing home to watch MTV, I was delighted to not only listen to “New Love” but to see an accompanying video for it as well. If you thought MTV playing videos was a throwback, just wait. “New Love” is like stepping into a time machine as N Kelsey’s heartfelt words help bring the home video footage to life from start to finish. 

It is far from easy to have a great debut record, but N Kelsey has proven that it is not impossible as ‘delta’ helps ease the mind. This is exactly what he was aiming for when he sat down to write this record. He has been through the wringer in the months that followed the summer of 2019. He ran thousands of miles for a good cause, experienced the highs and lows of life, and in the end came out with a new perspective that helped push his pen to create a promising EP. 

In a time where the world can be way too much on a daily basis, a record like N Kelsey’s ‘delta’ is a much-needed break from reality – if only for 21 minutes. 42 if you want to hit repeat, which you likely will. So if you need that break, or are just a fan of emotionally driven indie music that tips its hat to the foundations of folk, make sure to check out ‘delta,’ available now on all major music and streaming platforms. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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