Artist Interview: “summer gurl” by Ferris

Q: “summer gurl”‘s melody is infectious! How did this track come together?

FERRIS: Just like every other song I’ve created, all alone in my bedroom. But I was weirdly sitting on the floor, holding my microphone in one hand and a pop filter that I made from a dress sock in the other hand (Most of my studio equipment was at my other crib). But the barebones energy of it all translated into the music. I NEVER write my lyrics down, I always just sing whatever comes to mind straight into the microphone. So as soon as I heard the beat it reminded me of young love and I envisioned me jumping in and out girls windows to not get caught. That’s where the first couple lines were born and from there the lyrics and melodies just came soaring out.

Q: What is it about Punk Rock that drew you to want to make music in that genre?

FERRIS: Punk Rock gives me the ability to tell stories in a way that no other does. I’ve made rap, pop, r&b, even country songs + many other genres but that grit and purity that comes from my soul when I make Punk Rock is just unbeatable.


Q: How has living in Philadelphia and Miami shaped you as an artist?

FERRIS: Being from such urban areas I got the benefit of learning how to make urban music (Hip-Hop + R&B) which I think gives me that upper edge that separates me from many punk artists. I sing rock with a rapper’s brain, that’s what makes my rhythms and melodies so different.


Q: What is your musical background? Do you have a musical family or did you just fall into songwriting and producing all on your own?

FERRIS: No one in my family pushed me or influenced me to make music. At a very young age my middle brother and I randomly started making stupid little songs on the computer with a $10 microphone which ended up sparking the biggest passion we’ve both ever had in life. Everything was self taught which I love because it gives me the freedom to create anything I want, whenever I want. That’s why I’ve been songwriting, producing, and engineering all of my music my whole career.


Q: What influences are you channeling on your upcoming album, Love Letters?

FERRIS: I love MGK, Mod Sun, Avril Lavigne and Blink 182. But honestly, as an artist, I’ve never felt so badass until I started making this album. Sounds strange but I’ve been motivated by the vision of my future rockstar self. I try not to listen to other artists too much because I don’t want my music to sound anything like theirs. I want my sound to be very original whenever someone hears my music.

Each time I make a song for the album, I envision myself as rockstar.

Q: Which song are you most excited for fans to hear on Love Letters?

FERRIS: Every song is so f***ing good and extremely different from each other, so I say… The whole album bumps.


Q: Talk to us about the production company you started. What inspired you to start it and what have you learned from the experience?

FERRIS: I needed something creative to take up my time when I wasn’t making music. I fell in love with cinematography and photography just as a hobby at first but it introduced me to so many amazing people and experiences. And after shooting with over 40 models all around the country, I saw how much opportunity visual arts possessed so I started my production company and started monetizing. My business grew quickly, which then gave me the ability to start bankrolling my music career and any type of expenses needed to make the vision for my brand as an artist come to life.


Q: What are you hoping to accomplish this year?

FERRIS: No precise goals. I’m just working hard on my craft and doing what makes me happy. Life has it’s own plans. I just want to grow.

Interviewed by Brynn Hinnant

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