Artist Interview: “If I’m On Your Mind” by Pixia

Q: I really like how you’re blending more electrified elements into “If
I’m On Your Mind” compare to the usual acoustic set. Is that something
you’re experimenting with?

PIXIA: Definitely! I’m really inspired by new wave music and 80s style electronica, particularly bands such as Depeche Mode, The Cure, and New Order. I used to write all of my songs on acoustic guitar, but as I started exploring this genre I fell in love with it and I wanted to replicate the style in my own music. In my upcoming releases I have also experimented a lot with different electronic sounds and I’m really excited to share them!

Q: What are some possible directions/influences you’d like to explore?

PIXIA: I’m very much intrigued by dream pop and I definitely want to explore this genre even more. I adore Lana Del Rey, and I would love to incorporate elements of her dark and ethereal style into my upcoming projects. Aside from that, I really want to explore techno and dance music. My songs tend to be slower-paced, so I really want to experiment with more uptempo tracks.

Q: What inspired you to be a musician?

PIXIA: I’ve loved singing for as long as I can remember, its always been something that brought me so much joy. When I started writing my own songs around age 14 I found I was able to develop my passion even further and to this day I work constantly to improve my craft. I’m mostly inspired by the artists I love, particularly David Bowie and Boy George. I used to watch their live performances for hours on end and it was their talent and originality which made me desperately want to be a part of their world: the music world.

Q: Growing up in North England, can you tell me about the musical
culture you’re exposing to and how has that shaped/influenced your

PIXIA: I grew up in Beverley which is a really small town in Northern England and truthfully there isn’t much of a music scene there. I’ve always looked further afield to find the music that inspires me the most. Indie/rock music was always popular when I was at school, so I think I was unwittingly influenced by pop-punk and emo bands. I guess that could be what first inspired my tendency toward dark soundscapes and the melancholic lyrics of my first EP, ‘Morphia’.

Q: I absolutely love your unedited original recordings! It seems like
you have a lot of different projects going on, can you tell us more
about it?

PIXIA: Thank you so much! I personally love the sound of raw, unedited recordings and I often make them in my bedroom initially as drafts. Alongside these, I am frequently at the studio working on my upcoming single releases. I am also currently collaborating with other artists and producers on some new tracks, which is great because I get the opportunity to experiment with other genres.

Q: What can we expect for the coming months?

PIXIA: My upcoming single, ‘She Glows’ will be released for streaming this summer! Following this, I have more singles in the works that I can’t wait to share with everyone later this year. I am also going to be producing accompanying music videos, so watch out for those too!

Interviewed by Katrina Yang





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