Artist Interview: “Dangerous” by Camille Trust

Q: “Dangerous” is an authentic and intimate track, setting itself from the crowd. Did you have a specific artistic goal for this release?

CAMILLE: I wanted to show a more intimate and raw side of my voice. Typically I am a very “in your face” kinda vocalist and I wanted to really pull it back with this one.

Q:You have such a distinctive and strong voice. What is your musical background?

CAMILLE: I grew up listening to a lot of the vocal greats like Etta James, Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston. I would try to mimic their vocal stylings and was always drawn to big voices.


Q:Did any particular event inspire “Dangerous?”

CAMILLE: Not any one particular event, but it was a feeling I kept coming back to in my dating life. This idea where we feel we have to play a “game” in the beginning stages of dating is exhausting to me, so in this song I am essentially saying “look, are you in or are you out?”


Q: You’ve put out several releases throughout the pandemic. As a musician, what has been your biggest take away from the past 15 months?

CAMILLE: Hmmm, for me it helped me really work on defining my sound and my artistry. I had A LOT of Zoom sessions with producers & songwriters which helped keep me sane throughout the pandemic. My forthcoming album was written completely over Zoom!

Q: So, of course, we’re dying to ask, what can fans expect next from you? 

CAMILLE: There will be an official music video released on June 25th followed by a full album release on September 24th! Keep your ears/eyes open for her!

Interviewed by Sarah Scott



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