“Desperate Times” by Mighloe

“Desperate Times” by Mighloe slowly picks up the pieces of a breaking heart by listening to a compilation of music that mends the pain track by track. The astounding project depicts what it is like to go through waves of frustration and uncertainty caused by a breakup. The back and forth confusion from an unhappy relationship can be an unnerving experience that many can relate to. And even though the rough waters can be excruciating, Mighloe’s voice soothingly transports the listener on a healing journey. 
This rising Canadian artist intelligently touches on related themes such as self-trust, societal pressures, emotional upheaval, sexuality, and much more. A great example is the second track on the EP titled “Cruel.” This song focuses on a mentally taxing inner battle that often happens when deciding to reconcile with an ex-lover. The lyrics reel in an enticing intro by stating,

Take him back, they would always say to me, he did nothing wrong.  And with him, there is more you can be…

When the mind is reflecting on a previous relationship, sometimes people’s opinions seep through the cracks.  This can affect judgment and taint self-trust. In “Cruel,” Mighloe pushes back against the societal pressure that ties a woman’s worth to her relationship status. She remembers the nature of the relationship was cruel and remains assertive in her decision to leave. Although she admits, there were moments of weakness- encountering a self-aware situation of being used by someone she loves. 

So I let you in,

every time I knew you would run again … I’m quaking in all your remains.

Among “Cruel” times come moments of frustration and anger. The single “Don’t Call Me” (the third track on the EP) is the song everyone should play when they are ready to block that special someone. Fed up, Mighloe’s silky words remind ex-lovers – please don’t call me up. This bold track encourages healing and moving on with life, not allowing anyone to disturb the peace created when finally stepping away from the madness. 

Wasted lover call my name.

Talk some shit I can’t explain. Crawl to my feet, praise me again.

I never liked a beggin mans …. I aint waisting my time.”  

“Don’t Call Me” describes the final break of unruly love connection with profound poetry. This track is a jewel found within “Desperate Times.” 

Throughout this EP, Mighloe has soulfully presented true and honest realities when dealing with matters of the heart and its destruction. When listening, notice the soft melodies and R&B style that soften the silence and solitude of unrequited love. Desperate times is a masterpiece genuinely standing firm in a place of rehabilitation of toxic emotions.

“Cruel” and “Don’t Call Me” were amongst the favorite out of Desperate Times EP but I would also suggest watching her music videos as well! 

Reviewed & Interviewed by Abeni Moreno





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