‘Love to Cry’ by Ellis Newman

Ellis Newman is an incredibly talented singer, songwriter and producer who has a way of expressing herself in a way that is witty, relatable, cathartic and makes you want to dance in your room at 2 AM. This is masterfully shown on her new song, Love to Cry, which was released June 18th.

The catchy up-tempo feel of Love to Cry is reminiscent of Carrie Underwood’s 2012 stellar album, Good Girl, but with a personal flair and pop rock feel that only Ellis can deliver. In ‘Love to Cry’, Ellis encourages you to feel your feelings, and cry it out. She embraces the beauty in letting out your emotions. Ellis sings about the gift of pain, and feeling empowered by choosing to be alone and knowing that crying and having difficult emotions is “not a weakness it’s what makes me strong”.

The lyrics and message of Love to Cry are genuine, authentic, relatable and inspiring and Ellis’s voice is a perfect fit for the song.

Listening to this song gives you the need to dance until you cry and then cry until you dance. I love that Ellis Newman has turned crying from something sad and shameful, to a therapeutic and cathartic activity.

As the song begins, Ellis sings about feeling in low spirits, but knowing how to cope with the pain; she then introduces her solution- “treat myself to a breakdown, or two” She takes us through her weekly, and sometimes daily crying routine- and to an uptempo and fun beat. Ellis Newman redefines what it means to cry- and I love her definition.

Written by Shoshana Silow




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