“Her Cave” by Bones in Butter

Belgrade-based Bones in Butter proves that love and fear are two sides of the same coin in their new single, “Her Cave.”

On the surface, the track is an impassioned and tormented love song for someone deep within an imagined cavern, the confession of a man unable to save a lover from the darkness but unwilling to escape her orbit. Yet it also alludes to the isolation and gradual breakdown of sanity amidst the COVID pandemic, a poignant and bittersweet parallel. “Her Cave” conveys an almost devotional quality, a confession of love that has been twisted and contorted by passion and trauma in equal parts. The song’s dark beauty is a transcendental meditation simultaneously full of love and pain.

Milutin Krasevic, the group’s ringleader and lead vocalist, sings with a sense of stoic acceptance and a willingness to sacrifice himself to the abyss. Krasevic’s musical offering is sung with a sonorous and deep timbre, sometimes almost a mumble. His words reach out through long, expansive harmonic progressions amidst pulsating bass and guitar arpeggios. Later in the track, a saxophone, perhaps representing another corner of Krasevic’s mind, cries out in manic desperation, a sound that blurs the boundary between agony and utter extasy. It is a soundscape that is rich, dark, and endlessly captivating.

The music video accompanying “Her Cave” matches the song’s stark beauty, a black and white depiction of a woman dancing on the banks of a river. Her writhing contortions and painted face evokes a pagan ritual performed with wreckless abandon. Shadows and illusions leap from the image, complementing the song’s psychological probing.

“Her Cave” is available on all major streaming platforms.

Written by Jacob Jahiel



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