“Rest” by Mosiah Levi featuring BaggE

The life of a musicophile is a curious but sometimes frustrating one. We music lovers constantly yearn for something we haven’t heard before – a sound or a structural component that is surprisingly unfamiliar. Well, look no further, because Mosiah Levi’s new song, ‘’Rest’’, does just that. A self-described ‘’sad bop’’, Levi’s ‘’Rest’’ navigates existing within an anguished mind, and in the meantime, desperately wanting love. Enlisting the help of Neo-Soulstress BaggE in the song’s second half, Levi constructs a raw, emotional dialogue that strikes a chord within a listener who has ever had trouble with love.

What struck me as immediately special about ‘’Rest’’ was its deviance from a typical structured introduction. Instead of a ‘concrete’ beginning, ‘’Rest’’ begins mid-flow, sounding like we have walked into the studio mid-recording. The fluidity and sound of the reposeful guitar conjures images of a babbling brook – both are tranquil, slow moving, and regardless of a listener’s presence, constantly in motion.

Levi’s voice floats gently over the serene guitar. His hauntingly beautiful vocals sing: ‘’Oh darling, I’ve been falling down again/I can’t help it now when I’m melted on the floor’’. Not only is this sadness a familiar feeling for Levi, this time, it weighs on the artist like heavy rain in a tropical storm.During the bridge, Levi is downcast. He sings: ‘’I just want love right now/I just want peace/I just want love right now/I just want rest’’.

A tranquil second guitar is incorporated. The instrument exudes calm, which ironically, represents the peace of mind that a distressed Levi desires in the song. Experimenting with angelic high tones and rich low tones, Levi’s vocal range is undeniably astounding. BaggE assists in the second half of ‘’Rest’’. The vocal powerhouse meets Levi’s contribution strength for strength, upholding the track’s yearning, forlorn tone. Although Levi’s latest offering delves into the difficult subject of mental health, its raw honesty and serene instrumentation soothes the listener, and reminds them they are not alone.

‘’Rest’’ is out now on all major platforms. 

Written by Sadie Willis-Falkiner





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