“THIS LIFE” by Delorean Gray

In this dark cloud of a year, we must all try to find the silver linings where we can, new music being one of them. And for all you indie-rock fanatics out there, Delorean Gray have released a new track, ‘’THIS LIFE’’. An apt title, ‘’THIS LIFE’’ ponders the importance of upholding childhood innocence and persevering past life’s curveballs. ‘’THIS LIFE’’ was entirely written and recorded during the first stages of lockdown. Whilst navigating their first remote recording session, the song was mixed by esteemed producer Joel Anthony Patchett, who has worked with the likes of Tim Burgess and Doves.

‘’THIS LIFE’’ begins with some spacey, high-tone organ notes over a sustained organ chord. The fusing of these sounds build anticipation conjures images of an astronaut standing behind the doors of a rocket ship that are just about to open. ‘’THIS LIFE’’ then erupts, announcing itself as an indie rock explosion. With a crisp riff on the electric guitar, powerful vocals and intense kick drums that tap to every beat of your heart, ‘’THIS LIFE’’ has all the makings of an indie-rock anthem. 

In the first verse, Delorean Gray ponders childhood, particularly how it’s  fleeting nature makes it a period to be cherished. In the retrospective lyrics: ‘’kids don’t know what they’ve got/They won’t know ‘till it’s gone’’, Delorean Gray yearn for this carfree time that was absent of ‘adulting’ problems. Meanwhile, staccato strings and crescending drum beats add anticipation.

Within the moving chorus, a guitar riff and crashing high hats protrude, making your heart soar with joyous intensity. Delorean Gray do not sugarcoat it when they sing: ‘’This life takes more than it gives sometimes/Comes at you from both sides’’. Life can be unfair, but it is vital that you persevere through adversity. The wise lyricism and mighty instrumentation make ‘’THIS LIFE’’ a truly epic track, a must hear for anybody that is going through it and needs an uplifting boost.

‘’THIS LIFE’’ is out now.

Written by Sadie Willis-Falkiner



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