Artist Interview: “Crew” by KAYPAIGE

Q: “Crew” is such a fun summer song! Tell us the origin of this song?

KAYPAIGE: Thank you! I originally came up with the track concept while in Seoul, South Korea where I was living. One day, I just sat back and realized how dope my crew was – pure fire from all over the world. We are all constantly making moves and I wanted to put that energy into a song. I found a producer out of Spain, Aaron Beatz, for the track. Then, I had two members of my real fam, my brother and rapper Kyle Young and a rapper from Korea named SADBOY JB hop on the track. It happened really naturally and it’s one of my favorite songs.



Q: What do you enjoy most about being an artist?

KAYPAIGE: Connecting with listeners! There are lots of things I also enjoy about being an artist, like actually recording, writing, and doing live shows, but nothing matches the feeling when someone likes my track enough to save it or add it to their playlists. Like WOW that came from my brain but it resonated with you? I also just love talking with listeners of my music and connecting with them on a personal level. Most of my followers are so kind and insightful. I get so much from our interactions and they’re from all over the world.

I’m also in love with the whole song production process. It takes me a long time, but when I’m done and have that final file I’m always so excited.

Q: We here at Rising Artists think it is so cool that the track is an international production, with a Seoul Version “Remix” on the way. How did that version come to fruition?


KAYPAIGE: Yeah, I’ve made a lot of tracks with that cross-cultural flavor! The “international” aspect of the tracks came really naturally, mostly from connections made as I travel around and get introduced to new cultures and people. I think that some of the best collabs come from respectful and fun cultural exchanges.

Initially, though, I was told by industry professionals that it wasn’t worth it to release or market the versions of my tracks that contain other languages. They said that kind of thing wouldn’t work for an artist like me. However, it was something I believed in, so I released it and the “Seoul Version” of the song on my own accord. And I’ve been really pleasantly surprised by the reception! The song has gotten a lot of attention on social media – especially TikTok! Listeners are saying that they love our song and the idea of a cross-cultural track. They want to hear more!



Q: Will you be gigging or touring?

KAYPAIGE: Definitely! As soon as things start to open up again, I would love to start doing live shows.

Q: In your own words, how would you describe your music?


KAYPAIGE: I would describe it as, “music for living”. More than anything, I want to make music that vibes with different moments in your life. That’s when music touches me the most and is something I would love to do for others.



Q: Besides the “Seoul Version” of “Crew”, what is coming next for you?


KAYPAIGE: Definitely look out for two more summer singles. One I am particularly excited about and has a dope feature. Also, I will continue to produce plenty of cross-cultural tracks. Above all, I do what feels good!



Interviewed by Stephanie Pankewich




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