Artist Interview: “Girl I Never Knew” by UnderwaterSun

Q: “Girl I Never Knew” is such a fun song! What is your songwriting process? How do you usually craft a song?


UNDERWATERSUN: So i usually just pick a chord progression or jam in till I find something I like then just decide to work on that. With Girl I Never Knew, I wrote it at the end of summer 2019 where I had just only been songwriting for a couple of months and really got into to Rex orange County and learnt his song Cordoroy Dreams and pretty much wrote this song straight after so it was subconsciously inspired by that.



Q: I love your voice and style! Who are you biggest musical influences?

UNDERWATERSUN: I feel like that always changes but one of my biggest influences is The Kooks as I wouldn’t of picked up the guitar if it wasn’t for them. For this project i’m really inspired by the lofi DIY asthetic which is what I strive to go for, so Rex Orange County, Cosmo Pykye etc. More of their early stuff though. I’m also a big fan of Jeff Buckley and I’m striving to go for a bit of a more alternative sound.


Q: How is the music scene in Birmingham,UK?

UNDERWATERSUN: The music scene in Birmingham is really big and theirs so many different “scenes”. It’s all quite underground which is cool and is always popping, especially in Digbeth.



Q: Did any real-life events occur in your life that inspired the “Girl I Never Knew”?


UNDERWATERSUN: Yeah, so when I was 15 I fancied this girl on holiday and never spoke to her cause I was to shy and went home heartbroken haha. So when I sat down to write this song I’d realised I’ve never really wrote a love song up into that point so that was the first experience I could think of about being in love so just tried to write about that.



Q: What is coming up next for you?


UNDERWATERSUN: So I have another single coming next month which I’m planning, then a couple gigs in Birmingham over the summer hopefully.



Q: What would you like to tell your supporters out there?


UNDERWATERSUN: Just thanks for listening and all the support at the start of my musical journey. 



Interviewed by Stephanie Pankewich





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