Artist Interview: “Don’t Say” by Faded Rose

Q: “Don’t Say” is your debut EP. What was the most challenging part of the artistic process for this project?

FADED ROSE: Prior to recording this EP, I was a solo act so the most challenging part was figuring out where I wanted the song to go musically and how to make my ideas come to life.

Q: What was the production process for “Don’t Say” Were you at home, a studio, or a combination of the two?

FADED ROSE: Everything was produced at Woodside Productions in New York. I actually started recording in 2019 but had to put everything on hold due to the pandemic. During the lockdown, we sent arrangement ideas back and forth through iPhone recordings, but everything was professionally recorded once we were able to get back into the studio.

Q: “Don’t Say” is an EP full of gorgeous, emotive lyrics. Who are your lyrical influences?

FADED ROSE: Dave Matthews is one of my all time favorite lyricists followed by Ed Sheeran, Alanis Morissette and Coldplay. My songs usually tell a story so I tend to draw inspiration from artists who do the same.

Q: When did you start writing songs? Did a specific event prompt you to begin writing music?

FADED ROSE: I started writing music when I was very young. I loved to tinker around with different instruments and really enjoyed being creative in that way. It was a great way to channel my energy. I began seriously writing as a teen.

Interviewed by Sarah Scott





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