Artist Interview: “Eyote” by Nebno

Q: What is your personal favorite song that you have written and why?

NEBNO: I wouldn’t say I have a favorite song. But there are times when I feel particularly connected to a piece or that reflects my inner life well. On July 2nd a new piece called “Distance” will be released. It’s actually quite an old composition but somehow it has always fascinated me and at the moment, I feel very connected to this piece. I love the textures of this song, how personal and intimate it is, yet clear and defined, earthbound and alien.



Q: “Eyote” is a beautiful blend of ethereal and dark pop using unique sounds and an introspective vibe. What made you want to create a song that embodied a boat on stormy waters?


NEBNO: The stormy waters represent an emotional chaos in which I have discovered myself again and again recently and which I’m sure many people know. I was inspired by the image of the boat in the storm that drives towards a clearing and faces the storm. Here courage meets fear and hope meets despair.

Q: What do you do when you aren’t working on music?


NEBNO: Well then I teach music. Music is very dominant in my agenda and since I publish my works independently there is always a lot to do. But I am grateful and like to do the things I do. In my time off I enjoy being outside for walks, going to a cozy coffee shop, going to the flea market, see friends, explore new places. Also I always need a new project in my life and recently started dancing.



Q: What is your favorite part about collaborating with Melissa Fuentes?


NEBNO: The collaboration with Melissa is very uncomplicated while we both work quickly and appreciate each others work. She has her very own signature and yet shows herself very diverse with her creations.

Q: What has been one of your most favorite memories along the path to making “Eyote”?


NEBNO: I recorded Eyote in Iceland with a wonderful producer. We worked at Greenhouse Studios where I always feel very much at home. The working process there is very special every time and I feel how I can grow as an artist and as a person. It’s also simply a country that I love. The atmosphere, the landscape, the people. In the studio all the puzzles, visions, demos, pre-production processes come together and collaborations give new inputs. These are simply important and magical processes.



Q: Looking to the future, what is coming up next for you?


NEBNO: Very soon there will be something new for the ear and for the eye. Also planned are some singles and an album. So stay tuned! 🙂



Interviewed by Stephanie Pankewich





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