Artist Interview: “Small Talk” by Buel

Q: We see you’ve had the opportunity to sign with AGM Records UK,
founded by Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter, Adrian Gurvitz. What has the experience of working with a label been like for you?

BUEL: These processes are very fragile and tricky, as the industry is in the hands of the people with experience and many successes; but at the same time the world is easily bored of the working formulas. When it comes to logic based arguments on somewhat foreseeable data, I try to let the logic win and don’t hesitate to let my guard down if I need to. But there are other times when we argue based on our instincts I don’t let anybody else win the argument if I have a strong instinct on something. An artist is nothing without instincts. They can work with robots if they don’t need my instincts or fire me if my instincts aren’t their taste. So if I let my instincts go, it immediately makes me feel replaceable and I lose the meaning of why I wanted the deal in the first place. Basically for any label or business partnership to work out, I need to be able to keep that core in me that knows I’m not replaceable and I’m worthy of creating. 

Q: What was it like for you growing up as a musician?

BUEL: Weird. I was very shy and didn’t share much with anyone so when it came to thinking about a happy future, my mind was always blank.

Q: What do you do when you AREN’T working on music?

BUEL: Music is my life and it is not only about making a sound. It’s everything. Every single thing I feed my mind with is a part of my music so when I’m not working on my music, I work on my brain diet where I observe things and decide what I don’t like about them and try to improve my thoughts and ideas on the world and concepts and the people. These are directly reflected to my lyrics, my songs and my videos but my lifestyle and the things I do are changing accordingly, all based on this brain diet that creates Buel.

Q: We see that your single ‘Lemon Smile’ not only won in the 2021 London
Music Video Festival, but it was also ‘Best New Pop Song’ on BBC1. What
did you take away from your experience during these huge milestones?

BUEL: That focus is the most important thing while creating and producing. Being able to hear my instincts and focus on what I want to say makes everything so much easier and timelessly valid for me. I sometimes needed to hide what I’m doing from others in order to prevent them from being shaped by others and I just liked myself for that in the end I guess. 

Q: You have a new single, ‘Small Talk’, to be released July 16th. Can
you tell us what we have in store with this new song?

BUEL: What I have in store is kind of fun. I know there are so many people who think like I do, because when I was feeling down over my awkward social interactions, I decided to read other people’s thoughts on small talk in various forums and after seeing how similar we were thinking with all those people on this subject, I felt empowered instead of feeling down and sat down and wrote the song. 

Q: A lot of our readers are artists who are working hard at their craft
and wanting to get to the next level. What kind of advice would you give
to other up and coming bands trying to get their names out there?

BUEL: We are all brain washed with idealism and the admiration to high technicality but if you don’t see these coming in your way anytime soon, get up and do it the grunge way. It works!

Interviewed by Kaitlyn Westerman





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