Artist Interview: “100 Proof” by Three Years Gone

Q: I’m a huge fan of country-rock! Absolutely love “100 Proof”! Can you
give a little detail of the making of the song? What do you like the
most about it?

THREE YEARS GONE: 100 Proof was one of those songs that just wrote itself. We like to have a good time and that’s the feel we went within making this song. I wrote the lyrics and gave Matt an idea of what sound I was looking for. He came up with a very catchy riff and the rest is history. What I like most about the song is it’s strong all the way through. The intro has power and gets your attention. Once you hear the riff you’re hooked!

Q: Where are you guys based? Can you tell us more about how has the
community, culture, and the sound of your hometown influence your sound
and music?

THREE YEARS GONE: I’m from East Bridgewater and Matt’s from Quincy Massachusetts. In Boston, you hear a lot of different genres depending on where you go. That really factored into our music. No one song on this album sounds the same. The Cd 100 Proof has a little bit of everything on it and we can definitely attribute that to being from Boston.

Q:  What’s the story behind the band’s name Three Years Gone? 

THREE YEARS GONE: Me and Matt started as an acoustic duo in 2018. We played a few shows but life got in the way and covid happened so we had to stop playing live music for a while. We did separate projects and always wondered what if. What if we did a full band project and put out a full album. Here we are 3 years later and it just felt right to name the band Three Years Gone.

Q: How did you guys start doing music at the beginning? 

THREE YEARS GONE: We met through mutual friends and I was told Matt was a great guitarist. Matt usually does session work in the studio and I was playing acoustic shows by myself. One day I asked if he wanted to jump In and help. He was nice enough to help me out.

Q: How has your musical journey been? 

THREE YEARS GONEThe journey for me has been fun but humbling at times. The music business isn’t easy to get into. You have to focus and devote your time to it to get where you want to go. Matt joining me in this musical venture definitely gave me the confidence I needed to go all in. He’s been in many bands and musical projects and doesn’t put his name on something unless it’s quality. We strive every day to musically push ourselves and put out the best music we can.

Q: Anything exciting for us to look forward to? 

THREE YEARS GONE:  We have another single coming out in mid-august called “Pieces”. The full album will be released in September. We have a lot of acoustic duo shows booked and are in the process of booking some full band shows too. We are set to be featured on country 102.5 in August and have a lot more in the works! 

Interviewed by Katrina Yang





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