Gratitude for life’s uncomplicated pleasures is what makes a fulfilling existence. Simple joys such as sunsets, talks with friends and music on a long drive tether you to the present, making you realise that it’s the ‘little’ instances that are in fact the special moments. In his new song, up and coming artist SRY bequeaths a track that really makes you cherish once in a lifetime moments with people you love, whilst being a perfect vibe for when you feel like blasting the volume on a night time drive.

Released on July 2nd, SRY’s latest single is entitled “Nights”. The Edmonton based artist incorporates affecting synth pads, moving staccato rhythms and silvery percussion to create a stylish track that is both delightfully ambiguous in genre and captures the soul of the night time. “Nights” opens with jumpy notes played with staccato stylings. SRY’s synthesised strings leave a lasting echo that minimises the staccato’s abruptness. 

SRY plays with the string synth sounds like a potter with a lump of clay. He melds and distorts them, stencilling in metal tones to add a modern flavour. A sustained synth tone coasts over the staccato rhythms and glows like bright stars. A grainey percussive loop claps to the beat and the keyboard’s affecting melody gives “Nights” an immediate poignancy. The electrically charged percussion and keys conjure images of glowing streetlights and empty highways. Additionally, the glowing tones can also allude to the feeling of camping on a majestic lake, during a warm summer night. SRY warps his angelic vocals to sound bright and ethereal. His voice floats over the moving backing track, meditating upon feeling out of control, and falling under the spell of another. SRY sings: “Only with you am I hearing these voices”, “I’m falling” and “I’m losing myself”. SRY’s honest and vulnerable lyrics have an admirable strength to them, and fit well with the melancholy backing track.  

As “Nights” reaches its halfway point, SRY switches up the track. A kick drum punches aggressively on the beat, whilst SRY’s lyrics become distorted and far removed from the forefront, like the sensation of a car whizzing quickly by you in a tunnel. As “Nights” draws to a close, SRY implements space-like sonics. An extraterrestrial trill and a glistening electronic melody work with the on-beat drum pad to subtly lift the listener. Upon listening, the ending of “Nights” makes you feel like you are in the clouds, slowly being lifted out of the atmosphere to float into space, alone in the picturesque night sky, suspended but also totally existing in the present moment.

“Nights” is out now on all major platforms.

Written by Sadie Willis-Falkiner





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