“Dreams of Utopia” by Muvieli

Muvieli’s debut album “Dreams of Utopia” aims to unite the dystopian society we currently live in. The self-produced and self-recorded album is a spiritual project that possesses hit tracks like “Lola” and “War,”making it an unforgettable rock album. 

“Dreams of Utopia” is an uplifting music compilation (with hints of classic and psychedelic rock genres) advocating for personal and global change. The album alludes to the fact that if society were more focused on humanity and kindness, perhaps it would be easier for people to connect.

The Los Angeles artist created the album in response to the country’s undeniable division on political, social, and human rights/issues. Muvieli’s second track on the album, “War,” describes every individual’s internal conflict contributing the true war that is resides in us all. The upbeat rhythm and classic rock sound portray an ‘out of control’ anxiety that many experience, indicating the war is within people’s hearts. However, Muvieli warns not to fall too deep into the inner battle’s darkness that exists within everyone. In fact, the album encourages to take time to rejuvenate and heal. The first step of creating a utopian society in a dystopian world is individual healing. The rest will follow. 

… Beyond your control

“In a Little Place,” the second track on the album, (and my personal favorite) paints a detailed picture of a beautiful landscape of the ocean and mountains. The song describes a woman escaping from the everyday madness to find a moment of peace in her happy place. How does this play into surviving a dystopian world? Well, one can only assume it is about mental health. But not just mental health, happiness and tranquility must be at the forefront for everyone to thrive. 

She lives for another day.

Aside from improving life with happiness and love, femininity is a theme in “Dreams of Utopia.”  For example, “Lola” is, without a doubt, the album’s hit song because it adds a sense of femininity to the album. This track brings out a special aspect of the album that highlights how precious life can be by living in the moment especially when it comes to relationships. Muvieli seems to connect effortlessly the energy of life to feminine energy – unbreakable, strong, and resilient. 

Lola come closer
Don’t wait for the summertime

Overall, this album brings hope to the dreamers, the peacemakers, and the spiritual advocates. It is an uplifting, feel-good album that should be listened to! In addition, Muvieli showcases a multi-dimensional voice. The listener can pick up a little of an Ian Curtis in his vocals on track five “For the Thrill of It.” “Dreams of Utopia” is a must-have album.

Reviewed by Abeni Moreno





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