“Part of You“ by Daniella Spadini

Daniella Spadini’s new single titled “Part of You” relays the quiet pain of missing a lover’s presence in a masterful art piece. The small-town artist from northern California spins a sparkling web of affliction and love in the midst of a separation. The track exudes the difficult emotional state of loneliness when connections run deep between two people. 

Spadini’s angelic voice in “Part of You” entrances the listener into a tender love song with a soft pop sound. The circumstance of missing someone can be torturous, especially 200 miles apart. The song paints a beautiful picture that fixates the darkness of solitude – doing everything possible to embody distractions. But sometimes, distractions are not enough when craved memories flood into the mind. 

There is an inevitable thirst for the sensational touch of an absent person. A withdrawing phenomenon is a painful detox. The love once shared is draining out of pores like a drug. The body misses the doses of the person they were once addicted to. No other narcotic will do. 

Everyone needs a light sometimes You’re the only one that shines. I could use a part of you right now


You can hear what it’s like to be in love simply by listening to Spadini’s voice. To finally find someone who recognizes soul and spirit is a rare thing. The song’s beautiful melody highlights the complexity of love and anxiety. Emphasizing this, Spadini inserts a high pitch sound that mirrors the discomfort and suffering that settles into the body after a break-up that not even self-care can cure. 

With the influences of Ed Sheeran, JP Saxe, Sasha Sloan, and Adele, “Part of You” is a delicately illustrated journal entry dedicated to the pain of missing someone. The dreamy guitar and soul-piercing lyrics calm the distressed and lovesick. A soundtrack of the faint of heart, figuring out the indifference of loss. Listen to “Part of You” to mend a broken heart.

Cover Art “Part of You”

Reviewed By Abeni Moreno





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