Artist Interview: “She Don’t Want My Love” by Sol Paradise

Q: It is pretty impressive that you recorded “She Don’t Want My Love” all on your own. Tell us about that experience.

SOL PARADISE: Thanks! I’ve been producing my own music for about 5 years now – I prefer it this way to be honest. Although it can take a lot longer, I love being able to work my own way and try out as many different things as possible. I used to struggle with the idea that I wasn’t a professionally trained producer, but these days I’m more confident in my own methods.


Q: Taking influence from Frank Ocean, what other artists inspire you?

SOL PARADISE: Difficult question – there are so many. D’Angelo stands out from the RnB world. Fela Kuti definitely has had a huge impact on my work. I love what’s happening in the South London jazz scene at the moment – people like Yazmin Lacey inspire me a lot. Then there’s people like Jordan Rakei whose production style I take great inspiration from. I could go on, but ultimately I have a very broad music taste so there are lots of artists constantly influencing my own stuff.

Q: Will you be gigging or touring?

SOL PARADISE: Yes! I can’t wait to start doing live shows. I have my first gig in Bristol on the 31st July at Crofter’s Rights. I went to uni in Bristol so I’m really excited to have my first show back there. After that, I’m planning a small UK tour towards the end of the year. Although I’m a solo artist, I have a 6-piece band playing with me live – I want the performance to be as big sounding as possible.



Q: Have you written songs for any other artists?

SOL PARADISE: I’ve mainly been concentrating on my own work. I’d love to do more collaborations but I think for now writing for other artists isn’t something I’m into.

Q: What are your ambitions as a songwriter and musician from here?

SOL PARADISE: Quite honestly, having music pay my rent is my short term goal. I want to be able to earn a full living doing what I love. Beyond that, I want to keep developing and learning as an artist and always keep things fresh and exciting.



Q: What is coming next for you?

SOL PARADISE: My self-produced debut EP came out July 23rd – five brand new Sol Paradise tracks. One of my favourite rappers at the moment (Yorke) is featuring on one of the tracks. The project is a real piece of me – it was written and recorded mostly on my own in rural Suffolk, so I’ve put a lot of my identity into it.


Interviewed by Stephanie Pankewich






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