“Beautiful” by SOUNDQ

When SOUNDQ starts to get an idea for a track, he said his Eastern European mind often leads him to paint with a darker hue, but not in a melancholic way but more a shadowy corner in the room with some hope shining in through the window kind of way. I could see and also hear that when it came to his latest release, “Beautiful.” 

Built on an electro-dance foundation, “Beautiful” stands out from the crowd for the way it comes through in a low key way. The pulsating beats one usually associates with this genre of music are toned down just a bit in a way that allows a more of a sultry side of SOUNDQ to be explored throughout. It is almost as if SOUNDQ was able to take a night of passion one usually reserves for R&B and placed the idea on an electronic plain for the romantics in the EDM scene to connect to. 

The sensual aspects aside, what I also appreciated about this song overall were the New Wave nuances. They were not over the top, but there were definitely hints and homages to the decade that brought us Depeche Mode. A band that like SOUNDQ was able to balance a lot of light and dark elements throughout their discography. 

If you are a fan of electronic music that pushes the genre forward while being reminiscent at the same time, then check out SOUNDQ’s “Beautiful,” available now on all major music and streaming platforms. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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