“Alone” by Lost Club

Lost Club released their newest single, “Alone,” off the second EP! “Alone” is a new pop/rock love song that ties in overthinking and worrying about losing a partner.  A multi-instrumentalist, Nick Garcia, provides groovy guitar riffs and dreamy nostalgic-like lyrics

Everyone has experienced an argument with a partner that is tormenting their thoughts. The listener can pick up a sense of anxiety about losing someone and being alone. There is a sense of wanting to keep the partner, knowing that the relationship is over. Lost Club does a wonderful job creating a love song wanting to make amends with a past lover who has moved on. There is a bit of denial and the lyrics. Lost Club exudes raw emotion in their melodies despite their upbeat canter.

What are you gonna do without me?”

Like many break-ups, there is an analysis of the relationship rehashing in the mind. The song describes a person deconstructing what this person means to them now that the connection is broken. Watching that special someone walk off knowing that there is still love, is a complicated concept to bear. However, Nick Garcia explains he hopes his fans relate to the song.

“I hope that this EP helps people to relate to themselves … We’ve all had these feelings before, and I hope these songs can bring you to those places in time and relive some of the ups and downs through nostalgia.” 

Turn this song up if you are having trouble letting go of a relationship. Or if the relationship has already let you go. If you like the Last Dinosaurs, The Strokes, MGMT, Graveyard Club –YOU WILL LOVE THIS BAND TOO!

Reviewed Abeni Moreno





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