“Cosmonaut” by Degenerate Era

Individuality is what makes each and everyone of us unique, as we all have distinct qualities and personalities that define who we are. Certain aspects of our individuality, such as the way we think can be influenced by various outlets, such as social media and national news programs. As a result, our individuality can change for the better, or for the worst. The single “Cosmonaut” by rock band Degenerate Era explores the concept of individualism.

“Cosmonaut” begins in a relatively calm manner with the soft, gentle sounds of the synthesizer and guitar. The dynamics of the song gradually change as the drums make their entrance and the guitar becomes louder and heavier. The vocals carry a surge of raw emotions that can be heard as the lead singer cries out the following lines. “I’m not taking it anymore. Your vison’s blurred.” Halfway through the song the vocals briefly become less intense in terms of volume, yet they still deliver a heartfelt performance. The lyrics within the bridge appear to be addressing how the individual’s way of thinking has changed who they are as a person and this change does not sit well with the vocalist. A fierce, powerful guitar solo comes crashing in at the backend of the song leading up to a chilling ending.

Degenerate Era is a duo from Nashville, Tennessee and they are a hybrid of alternative rock and alternative metal. They have not played any live shows, but they hope to perform live towards the end of this year and into the start of next year.




Written by Brittany Jennings 




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