“Narrative” by Joëtta

Photo Credit: Ayla Maagdenberg

Those of us who find solace in late nights know all too well that it can be a double-edged sword because while the world sleeps and you can concentrate on your work, oftentimes thoughts that verge on not-so-great creep in. This is what “Narrative” by Joëtta reminded me of. Those nights when your thoughts can roam free, and while you may not like what they have to say – the truth of the matter can, in many ways, set you free.

“Narrative” is a situation many can relate to. It is that struggle of being stuck with someone, somewhere, and nothing about it is quite right. Joëtta sings with melancholy in the air, “Will it ever change?” It is a simple question but the answer is never quite so because it is an answer you are scared to hear. Nevertheless, Joëtta braves those waters and confronts the unpleasantries of the reality before her in a way that blends her effortless vocals with this wonderful dreamlike folk aesthetic. 

Not only is “Narrative” the single at hand, but it is also the title of her 2021 debut EP. As a whole, ‘Narrative’ features four tracks. She delivered her first single, “Here” earlier this year and has been nonstop since. If this is what Joëtta can do with a debut, there is no limit as to the heights she can reach with future releases. For now, check out “Narrative,” both the single and the EP, out now on all major music and streaming platforms.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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