“Way Too Good For Me” by Her Burden

Her Burden are an four piece indie-rock/alt-rock band from Leicester, UK. They are inspired by old-school pop punk bands and they also take influence from modern pop artists, indie bands and classic rock titans. As 2020 rolled around a lot of artists took shelter in their homes and Her Burden was no different.

The band went into hibernation because of COVID and cancellations, and they have said that since then they have been cooking up something fresh and exciting in the music kitchen. “Way Too Good For Me” is the result of the meal that has been cooking, it’s an upbeat, energetic, alternative, garage-rock tune

They said that they were cooking in the kitchen but it’s clear they were doing more than that. Producing a good song is very similar to making a good meal, sometimes you have to let things marinate and the results can be amazing. That’s exactly what they did with “Way Too Good”, this song is the product of patience, hard work and dedication.

According to the group, the lyrics paint the picture of a beautiful woman, way out of the league of the narrator, detailing why she is so perfect. At one point in your life, you have definitely thought someone was just 100% out of your league and there was nothing you could really do about it.

Somehow you muster up the courage to go for it and you won’t regret it. “Way Too Good” is an amazing, well put together song from the beginning to the end Her Burden keeps you engaged with catchy lyrics and a classic pop punk tune.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Another World Media




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