“I Wonder” by Rich Chambers

When describing his music, Rich Chambers leans towards “vintage yet modern rock,” and while there are several elements of his latest single, “I Wonder,” that give off that good vintage feel – I would say this was more like a classic car. It is a song that may be reminiscent of days past but has the overall vibe that makes it shine like a Ford Mustang. 

Rich Chambers puts a love story on display with “I Wonder.” Questioning so much about the narrator’s interest and how these emotions came to be. It’s a fun song, a catchy pop-rock moment that has the ability to get stuck in the heads of anyone who happens to hear, but what I loved was the raspiness of Chambers’ voice. It gave Bryan Adams meets Springsteen meets ‘90s college alternative rock station. The latter means that I could hear “I Wonder” on a playlist alongside bands like The Rembrandts and think, that is a good pairing. 

This Canadian-born singer-songwriter started dropping holiday music a few years ago and since then has made a name for himself doing so, but in 2020 decided to switch gears a bit and focus on music that could be appreciated throughout the rest of the year. “I Wonder” is the latest single from Rich Chambers. His fifth non-Christmas single to date, following the poignant, “High School Can’t Last Forever.” 

To hear those and more from Rich Chambers, make sure to check him out on all major music and streaming sites today.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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