“Care About Yourself” by Dixie Darling

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When it comes to taking listeners on a journey, Dixie Darling has done just that with only two singles thus far. Her first seemed to set up what was to come in “Care About Yourself” in a well-done, country meets pop performance. 

The Brighton singer walks the line between genres as the heart of her music screams country, but the delivery has this vibrant pop feel. Putting those together, Dixie Darling comes through like Kelsea Ballerini or a young Taylor Swift. Not bad company to keep as she gives way to the not-so-great side of a relationship in “Care About Yourself.” Straightforward songwriting paints a vivid picture of just what this song is about – when one person in the relationship just isn’t putting in as much as the other. While the narrator at the heart of her debut, “Every Time You Come Around,” sort of knew the person they were giving affection to was all wrong – this time around, we get more of a result of that relationship. 

Now one is left to wonder…do they stay apart, or does the person behind these words go back to the person who wasn’t a right fit? Hopefully Dixie Darling makes this story a three-parter and listeners can get another chapter to this tale. One in which the narrator finds the importance of self-love, or someone who appreciates them for all that they are. That’s what a good artist does, they pull you in and Dixie Darling does that. Not only with a story, she’s weaved with music, but by delivering said music with a delightful vocal performance. 

To hear “Care About Yourself” make sure to check out Dixie Darling on all major music and streaming platforms today. 

Written by Kendra Beltran





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