“W&G” by Who Parked The Car

A Parisian band with eight members, Who Parked The Car has a refreshing and unique sound. Blending elements of pop and jazz, their new single “W&G” is captivating in every way.

Beginning with an acoustic piano and atmospheric vocals, Who Parked The Car provides a setting that feels like space. The line “I jump and fly around, take me out of the moon” makes it seem like the narrator is actually on the moon. The open and echoing harmonies are so transcendent they take the listener up into space as well.

From there, “W&G” transitions into a jazz section featuring a smooth saxophone for pretty much the rest of the six-minute song. It’s enchanting, it’s emotional, and it’s impressive. Beginning with long and soft notes, then moving into quick runs with heavy percussion in the background, the solo takes you on a journey. After building tension for over three minutes, the release when the percussion drops out and the sax returns to its drawn-out, sweet notes is perfect.

At the end of the song, the melodies from the beginning meet up with the saxophone for a calm fadeout. The pacing of this song is done so well, with an inviting, anticipatory beginning and a slow-burn jazz section. Then, after the intensity of the saxophone’s climax, we get space to breathe as the peaceful elements of both the beginning and middle come together. A beautiful, skillful song, “W&G” by Who Parked The Car is magnificent. 

Written by Emily Cushing





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