“Wanderer” by Luna Keller

Photo Credit: Roger Keller

“Come on love please be good to me”

For some reason, my family had Vh1 before MTV so I spent a few years engulfed in pop music that leaned a little more towards the adult contemporary. Yes, there were the occasional mainstream pop hits that came through but for the most part, my heart belonged to the easy-going ways of singer-songwriters like Alanis Morisette and Sheryl Crow. So when I hear someone like Luna Keller come through with a song like “Wanderer,” that same heart smiles wide as it’s a straightforward song overflowing with compassion.

Elsewhere online this week I’m diving into the 2000s, so this song really…hit home, as “Wanderer” was penned on the last day Luna Keller spent in her childhood home. It’s a feeling those of us who’ve packed up and said goodbye in a familiar fashion can agree is one part exciting, but also overwhelming and a bit emotional. It’s not just saying farewell to a place, it’s also moving on to the next, grown chapter in one’s life. “Wanderer” reminded me of something that would’ve been on the ‘Garden State’ soundtrack back in the day as Zac Braff’s character deals with the inner turmoil of what home means throughout the film. 

Aside from this being a song that everyone who’s experienced this goodbye can relate to, it’s also just a beautifully done song. Luna Keller doesn’t put all the bells and whistles into this. The song comes across effortlessly and that’s appreciated as the lyrics and emotions that come with are the stars of this listen. “Wanderer” is also one of the stars of Luna’s upcoming release, ‘Prophecies and Silver Linings,’ out April 14th. 

To hear Luna Keller’s “Wanderer,” and more make sure to check her out on all major music and streaming sites today. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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