“If You See Her” by Romain Gutsy

Romain Gutsy has a new song “If You See Her,” and its ominous jazzy atmosphere paints a vivid picture of the aftermath of a lovers’ spat. Gutsy, an accomplished French artist, sings to an audience in hopes they will communicate his words to his ex.

“If you see her, tell her I did not mean to be mean…tell her I know I was a jerk.” It seems this relationship ended in some kind of blowup fight, and the couple hasn’t spoken since. Whether Gutsy is being ignored or even full on blocked, he just wants her to know he’s sorry. Anger brings out the worst in us, and it’s far easier to say something we know will hurt the other person than to be vulnerable and honest about our feelings. 

Gutsy was not the sole culprit in the downfall of the relationship, though, as we see with the line “if you see her, tell her that she should not feel bad. I know why she did what she did.” This woman hurt Gutsy, just as he hurt her. The mutual pain and mutual pain-infliction has made it nearly impossible to reconcile the love, though Gutsy still wants to try. He says “tell her I forgot everything but a tiny piece of love.” He is willing to let go of everything that happened for just an ounce of the love that they used to share.

A heartbreaking example of the sacrifices we will make for love, “If You See Her” is desperate and vulnerable. Gutsy offers grace, forgiveness, and apologies on the slight chance that his love will hear him. A true testament to the consuming effects of lost love, “If You See Her” by Romain Gutsy is a must listen.

Written by Emily Cushing





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