“Holy” by Damon K. Clark

Damon K. Clark delivers an ethereal, yet grounded, track about the transcendental effects of a true love. “Holy” begins with simple instrumentation and melodic spoken lines, then moves into a soulful and fervent chorus that is guaranteed to give you chills. Clark manages to describe the indescribable feelings of being fully seen by someone who loves you in his incredible song “Holy.”

“When I ask you what you’re thinking, you don’t hesitate to make a full confession.” This person is vulnerable with Clark, fully open to expressing personal emotions around him. Clark wants to do the same, and says “I try to reciprocate the sentiment but you say ‘babe, I know.’’’ To be understood in such depth that your lover doesn’t even need to hear you say you love them is true, pure love.

With many spiritual references that allude to a sexual love, such as “worship me slowly,” it is clear Clark and his lover are intimately connected in every aspect of their relationship. “We find ourselves in a place where time and space transcends the limitations of this feeble minded human race.” Clark and his love join consciousnesses and leave behind the restrictions of both the human body and mind. In a sanctuary free from bigotry and hate, the only thing that matters is the peace found in each other’s presence. 

In the chorus, the deep and guttural vocalizations are balanced with smooth falsetto and passionate choir-like vocals. All of the elements merge so beautifully, suspending your mind from considering anything but the melodies, just as Clark is suspended in time with his lover. “Holy” by Damon K. Clark is more than a song- it is an experience.

Written by Emily Cushing




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