“Some Time Ago” by Connor Desai

Photo Credit: Chris White

By the seventh or eighth time, it finally became clear to me why I was able to go back and never tire of “Some Time Ago” by Connor Desai. Her easygoing yet earnest delivery reminded me of what I appreciated about Sheryl Crow growing up. Like many singer-songwriters that have come before her, Connor Desai understands the assignment at hand and never fails to earn a gold star. 

With that, Connor Desai’s gold star shines brightly throughout this laidback, calming song that doesn’t feel overdone. It simmers throughout and delivers everything you want and expect from a masterful wordsmith who can take the everyday normalities of our reality and construct their narratives in a manner that makes art of them. And while a beautiful-sounding song, there is a bit of sadness throughout that makes you want to embrace this song like a loved one hurting. All in all, it’s this poetic narrative on par with the likes of Joni Mitchell and early Jewel. 

Connor Desai dropped her self-titled debut back in 2007 and since then has released three more records including 2010’s ‘Use Your Hands’ which featured her cover of “Friend of the Devil.” A cover that’d later go on to be used in a pivotal final scene of Netflix’s ‘ The One.’ She’s not following up that viral moment when her newest single, “Some Time Ago.” Those who love their indie-folk with a slice of Americana will want to check this song, and more from Connor Desai, out now on all major music and streaming sites today.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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